Adding new contacts to Superdocu

You’re done and created your first workflow!

It’s now time to invite contacts to send their information. And to be honest, it’s quite easy.

Just head to your contacts page and click on the “Add new contact(s)” button.

You’ll be able to either add contacts one-by-one or to import a spreadsheet to add them in bulk.

One important thing to remember: we require all contacts to have a first name, a last name and an e-mail address, and we strongly advise that you add their gender so that we can call them Mr. or Ms.

Bulk importing contacts

You can import several contacts at a time. The best way for you to proceed is to download our sample CSV file, fill it with your contact data and send it back to Superdocu.

  • A contact that is already in Superdocu will not be imported again
  • If some spreadsheet rows have errors (such as a bad email address), they won’t be imported, but the rest of th CSV will be.

Once your contacts are on the platform, you’ll be able to invite them easily to workflow from the contacts page!

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