Creating a checklist

Usually, when you’re getting an employee or a customer on board, there are a few items in their to-do, that they should complete to be fully onboarded.

A checklist module is an easy, straightforward module to add checklist items for your contacts.

Creating a checklist

You can create your checklist directly from your workflow, and click on the “configure module” button to start building it.

If you prefer, you can also create a checklist from your reusable templates page and use it elsewhere when you create workflows.

When you create a checklist inside a workflow, it’ll be automatically added to your reusable template library. Just keep in mind that when you modify a template, it’ll change everywhere, including in your live workflows. For instance, if you add a checklist item, it’ll be added for all your contacts currently in a specific workflow.

Adding checklist items

Once you are in the checklist configuration page, you’ll be able to add checklist items very easily, and change their order depending on your needs.


Just name the task… and you’re done.

Hint: you can add HTML links or paste URLs that will be clickable, for example.

If you want to link an email address inside the task, you’ll write something like:

Contact <a href="">Bruce Wayne</a> for the Batmobile

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any question or request about the checklists!

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