DocuSign integration guide

Ask for contract signatures, directly in Superdocu

With the Superdocu <> DocuSign integration, you can now ask for a signature inside a workflow, if you already have a DocuSign account.

Below are the steps that will help you get set up with the feature:

1. Go to your settings

In the integrations tab, click on the “Connect DocuSign” button and follow the instructions.

2. Add a new step in your sequence

On your workflow page, add a new step and select “DocuSign contract” as a step type.

You will then be able to give a name to the step and configure the sequence step.

⚠️ The envelope templates will only appear if they have a role named ‘signer’

3. Configure the sequence step

Once the step has been created, you must choose a contract template (envelope template) to send to your contacts, and define the title and description for the step.

⚠️ The envelope template must have a role named ‘signer’ for you to use it in Superdocu

And voilà! Your contacts will be able to sign contracts directly inside a Superdocu sequence, and you will be able to see the contract status in real time.

Feel free to contact us if you need more info.

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