Adding a custom SMTP

You might want to push personalization a step further and send Superdocu emails from your own mail server!

Luckily, you can add a custom SMTP from your settings easily.

All you need to provide us is the following:

  • Your preferred “From” email. Usually, it’s the same email as the one you use to connect to your SMTP.
  • Your SMTP server address. It can be a hostname (like, or an IP Address (eg.
  • Your SMTP server port. It’s usually either 25, 465 or 587. But we advise against using 25 which is unsecure.
  • Your SMTP username. Usually, it’s your email address
  • Your SMTP password. Don’t worry, it’s encrypted. Even us cannot decipher it :)

Using a Google Workspace Custom SMTP

Here are the recommended steps and parameters to use Superdocu with a custom Google Workspace SMTP.

Before you add your configuration to Superdocu, you will need to take extra steps :

  1. Go to your Google Workspace admin console
  2. Search for SMTP Relay in the Search Bar and click on the “SMTP Relay link”. You will be redirected to the GMail routing settings.
  3. Scroll down to the “SMTP Relay Service” section and click on Add a new rule
  4. Give your rule a name, eg. “Superdocu SMTP” and add the following settings
  • Authorized senders: only addresses from my domain
  • Tick the box “Require SMTP Authentication”

You can then go back to Superdocu and add your settings, which should look this way:

From Address
Port 587
Password yourpassword

If the SMTP settings do not work and you receive an authentication error, here are the 3 steps you can follow :

  1. Create an app-specific password for Superdocu and use it instead of your usual password in Superdocu’s SMTP settings.
  2. If it still doesn’t work or you receive a security alert from Google Workspace, enable the “allow less secure apps” setting on this page then go back to Superdocu and try again.
  3. If that still doesn’t work, go to the Display Unlock Captcha page and click the button. Then go back to Superdocu and try again.
  4. If that still doesn’t work after all these steps, wait for 24 hours and click on “Test” again inside Superdocu. Contact us if it still doesn’t work after this!

Using an Office365 SMTP

Make sure that you allowed SMTP Authentication. Follow steps here to do so.

Usual parameters for office 365 are as follows:

From Address
Port 587
Password yourpassword

If you have two-factor authentication enabled on Office365, it might be an issue. If so, you should follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Security basics page and sign in to your Microsoft account.

  2. Select More security options.

  3. Under App passwords, select Create a new app password. A new app password is generated and appears on your screen.

  4. Enter this app password in Superdocu, instead of your usual password.

If it does not work, please contact us so that we can investigate.

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