How to build your first workflow

You’ve signed up to Superdocu and you’re now ready to roll!

But before you even start thinking about inviting your contacts to send their info and documents, there’s a step that you can’t miss: creating your first workflow!

What is a workflow?

A workflow is an onboarding process that you define depending on your needs and they way you work.

It’s a succession of steps that we call “modules”.

On Superdocu, there are different types of modules:


It’s a bit self-explanatory: screens are screens that you can use to write text and info for your contacts to see.

For example, before asking people for their documents you can create a welcome screen to greet them and explain them the steps they will go through.

You could also use screens to separate different parts of your process or just to say thank you at the end of your workflow.


You can create forms to ask your contacts for any kind of information: first name, last name, phone number, address, how much they earn, sleeping habits… etc.

Our form builder allows you to create any kind of input for your contacts to fill.

Document requests

You can obviously ask your contacts to send you documents of any kind, without any limit.


If your contact needs to perform tasks, you can create a checklist for them.

How to create a workflow

When you use Superdocu for the first time, you will have the ability to choose between one of our pre-made onboarding workflow templates or to start from scratch.

Using a pre-made template

If you choose one of the templates, it’ll create the workflow for you and all you’ll have to do it to test it in your workflow’s settings and update it if needed.

Starting from scratch

If you would like to start from scratch, add a new Workflow from your Workflows Page.

Once done, you will be redirected to your workflow settings page. Here you will be able to configure different elements, as explained below.

General workflow settings

  • Workflow name
  • If the workflow is repeatable. A repeatable workflow can be filled several times by your contact. For instance, if your contact has several vehicles and you would like to collect information for each vehicle, you can create a repeatable workflow so that they fill it for each of them.

Reminder settings

You can customize the reminders you will send in case of missing data (and enable/disable them depending on your usage).

  • Choose an offset before the first reminder is sent
  • Choose a sending frequency for reminders (eg. one reminder per week)
  • Choose a maximum number of attempts before you stop sending reminders.

Workflow steps

This is the heart of your workflow: here, you can add steps to the workflow you will send to your contacts, such as form requests, document requests, checklists, etc. We call those modules.

Click on add step and choose the step type from the dropdown.

You can can use previously created modules or create new ones from scratch.

If you create a module from scratch, you can drag and drop to reorder it where you’d like, and click on the configure module button to build your checklist, your form or your list of documents!

Testing your workflow

Once you’re done with your workflow, click on the Test Workflow button to see how it looks and adjust it as you need.

After that, you’re good to invite your first contact to complete the workflow, directly from your Contacts page!

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