E-mail notifications for your contacts

How do notifications and follow-ups work?

Superdocu helps you free some time: avoid sending e-mails to request documents manually and let us do the magic.

Which notifications and follow-ups to you send?

We send several e-mails to your contacts, so that they keep send their info and documents, and keep them up-to-date:

  • An invitation e-mail for them to access their personal space and send their info
  • Reminder e-mails in case of missing documents or if intake forms aren’t filled.
  • Notifications for files that are about to expire or expired
  • Notifications if a document or info has been rejected: if you reject a piece of data, your contact will receive an email with the reason why you rejected it, and invite your contact to modify its information.

Can you send a manual follow-up?

Yes, you can do that from the contact page or from your dashboard.

How do I set reminders?

You can change reminder parameters inside your workflow settings and change the offset, frequency and number of reminders sent before dropping a contact.

You can also personalize the e-mail content directly in your settings or in the workflow’s settings.

La nouvelle manière de piloter votre conformité.

Superdocu récupère et met à jour les documents et informations de vos fournisseurs et clients, pour vous assurer un dossier administratif conforme à tout moment.

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