Getting started with Superdocu

Hey there,

So, you’re new on Superdocu, and don’t know where to start yet?

Here is what you need to know in order to get set-up as fast as possible:

1. Customize your portal and profile

If you haven’t already customized your information during your onboarding, make sure to configure your portal look & feel to match your brand!

  • Get to your personal settings and add a profile picture
  • Customize your portal with your colors, your logo and your website!
  • Add your custom domain or custom SMTP… if you want! Superdocu otherwise provides you with a custom subdomain and a mail server. More information here.

2. Create your first workflow

A workflow is a process that looks just like you!

You can create several steps in the workflow, such as:

  • Screens with texts and images to explain your process or welcome people to their portal
  • Document requests if you need to collect files from your contacts
  • Forms if you need to request data.
  • Checklists for actions that your contacts need to do

During your onboarding, you will be prompted to choose a pre-made template that you can customize, or to start from scratch.

To create and test your first workflow, we advise you to read this article: creating your first workflow.

3. Invite contacts

Now your workflow is ready, all you need to do is to add contacts on Superdocu and invite them from your contacts page.

Everything you need to know is here: adding new contacts to Superdocu.

4. Validate incoming data

Once your contacts start sending their information, you’ll see incoming requests and you’ll be able to monitor updates directly from your dashboard.

Your dashboard enables you to: * See incoming documents or form data * Validate data * Reject and send a message to your contact with the rejection reason * Send manual follow-ups if needed * Download all validated documents

You’ll also be able to do these actions from the page of your contact.

5. Monitor global workflow advancement

From your workflow page, you’ll see a board view with the status of each of your invited contacts.

More info here!

As usual, our team is available if you have any question. Either use the chat in the bottom right of your screen, or contact us by email:


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